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For State Representative 45th District (D)
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Another Election Season Has Arrived

  Latest News: 

It is hard to believe another re-election campaign is upon us. But such is the nature of the House of Representatives where we have to run for election every other year. Somebody should do something about that!!

It has been an honor to serve the 45th Legislative District since 2005. I am grateful for the support of my constituents who have sent me back to Olympia in the last five elections. I have worked hard to represent my district and the state of Washington and am eager to return to the Capitol next January to continue working on the issues important to Washington.

We face a number of challenges including:

  • Passing the next two year budget
  • Increasing funding for K-12 education in keeping with the Supreme Court mandate
  • Restoring state support for our colleges and universities to reduce tuition costs
  • Passing a transportation package that actually finishes the 520 bridge replacement
  • Tackling tax reform to end our reliance on the most regressive tax system in the nation
  • Rebuilding our safety net services for the most vulnerable Washingtonians
  • Assuring the state is prepared to safely implement our new marijuana laws
  • Reducing the regulatory burden on our businesses so we can attract good jobs

There will no doubt be a number of other issues that arise as they always do during a legislative session. I look forward to the challenge and hope you will share your ideas and concerns with me. Making our democracy work requires a partnership and I need your help to do the best job I can.

Your past support over the years is humbling and I hope I can count on that same support this year. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

See you on the campaign trail!