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A false assessment of Larry’s voting record

This week voters throughout the Eastside received a piece of mail from my opponent attacking my record on education, reforming government, and controlling state spending. Unfortunately, it is a common practice at this point in a campaign, particularly when you have no plan of your own you can run on. The fact is my record is strong; it’s why I’ve been endorsed, once again, by the Seattle Times for re-election as well as organizations at both ends of the political spectrum, and it’s why the voters keep sending me back to Olympia to work for them.

I’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight with you - the voter - and let you decide which grade I deserve.


Among other claims, my opponent attacks me for failing to meet the paramount duty to fund education. As a former teacher, I understand and support the State Supreme Court’s decision in the recent McCleary case, which called on the State to uphold its constitutional duty to make funding basic education its number one priority. The first bill I passed as a legislator dramatically increased state revenue for school construction state wide.

Ensuring adequate funding for K-12 has always been my number one priority. In the last session I insisted there be no further cuts to either K-12 or higher education or I would not support the budget. No cuts were made as a result. In my next term I will continue to fight to make sure we fund education.

Reforming government

In their endorsement, The Seattle Times acknowledges that I have been a leader in reforming government, noting that I have “voted for transparency for the billion-dollar-a-year health plan for teachers.”

Meanwhile, my opponent makes multiple attacks against me, including one for an important vote that setup our state health insurance exchange. Unlike the F grade given to me by my opponent, my constituents have given me an “A” for helping create an easily accessible, central marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses to buy health insurance. My fellow business owners are thrilled to finally have a choice in health care plans that helps them control costs.

I would like to thank my opponent, however, for giving me credit in his report card for my vote to reform workers’ compensation, which creates a statewide medical provider network, expands the Centers of Occupation Health and Education, promotes getting workers back on the job faster and includes changes that should reduce the system's overall costs and prevent double-digit rate increases. As a result, for the first time in years there will be no rate increase for employers next year!

Controlling state spending

I have and will continue to take a reasoned, pragmatic approach to balancing our state budget. The Seattle Times agrees, saying “Springer has a proven ability to work across the political aisle.
He worked with Republicans to rein in pensions and other long-term costs…” and that I’m “known as a smart policy wonk on jobs and economic development.”
(never have been fond of the term “wonk” but I’ll take it in this case)

My opponent attacks me once again, including going after my opposition against supermajorities to increase taxes. I oppose these supermajorities for a simple reason – they are undemocratic. Why should one legislator have 1.5 votes compared to 1 vote just because they are in the minority? And why should this exist for increasing taxes but not making cuts in important areas like education? I do not believe it serves our democratic political system when 17 of the 147 legislators in the state can thwart the will of the majority.

We have had to make tough decisions in the legislature in order to balance the budget during such tough economic times - supermajorities make this difficult job even harder. Instead, I believe in working across the aisle to find solutions that work for our district and state.

I encourage you to see my complete voting record and list of bills I have sponsored here. I stand by it, and I look forward to continuing this work with your support.

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