Larry Springer
For State Representative 45th District (D)
Friends of Larry Springer
700 20th Ave West, Kirkland, WA  98033
425 822-2907

On The Issues

Jobs and Economy
As a small business owner, I know what it’s like to watch the bottom line. I’ll work with employers large and small to protect existing jobs and bring new jobs to our region in growing areas like alternative energy, biotechnology, biofuels and emerging industries.

Parks & Open Spaces
From Lake Washington to the Cascade foothills, our quality of life is defined by our region’s natural beauty. I understand that preserving our quality of life requires a thoughtful balance between respecting individual property rights and the need to assure healthy neighborhoods, open space, and clean air and water. I’ll work with local government—and landowners—to assure that we protect it both rights and the environment.

Children are our most precious resource. As a former teacher, I’ve supported pay raises for teachers and funding to lower class sizes. I’ll make sure we invest in our schools and teachers—not school bureaucracy—and assure that every student that wants to attend college in Washington has access to the school of their choice.

We all waste too much time and money sitting in traffic. You can count on me to focus on safety and maintenance first, and invest in projects that best move people and goods efficiently. I was part of the team that negotiated a working solution for the SR-520 bridge replacement. I’ve worked to protect I-405 funding, invest in transit alternatives, and make sure that projects are started on time and finished on time.

Health Care
I’m fighting to make sure everyone has access to affordable health care. I voted to cover all kids by 2010 and I’m working to help businesses provide coverage to employees. I’ve already helped make prescriptions more affordable for seniors.


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